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Fire Protection NJ AAA Fire Protection has been providing fire sprinkler systems and services in New Jersey and the metropolitan NY & NJ area with state-of-the art fire protection since 1993.
We understand the challenges you face—from tough economic conditions to evolving insurance and local code regulations. Whether you need us to design and install a fire protection system in new construction or retrofit a system in existing structures, we take your needs very seriously. We provide a dedicated team of fire system inspectors to monitor the integrity and dependability of fire protection systems and ensure that they are up to code and operating optimally. We take great pride in providing our clients the highest level of professionalism as we work together with them to meet their budgetary and regulatory fire protection and inspection needs. Our Unwavering Commitment No fire sprinkler system project is too large or too small for AAA Fire Protection. Whatever your fire protection application or inspection requirements, we have the high quality, advanced technology products, specialized expertise, and dedicated personnel to meet your needs. When you partner with AAA Fire Protection, you partner with complete, single-source solution fire protection contractors. We offer efficient turnaround every step of the way—from design and installation, through system acceptance and after-installation service, to the monitoring of system integrity and dependability to ensure optimal operation and code fulfillment. We perform new fire sprinkler installation or the retrofitting of existing systems
We provide the competitive features that building managers want combined with the ease of expansion and upgrade that protects your investment over time
We provide a dedicated team of inspectors to monitor the integrity and dependability of your fire protection system and ensure that it is up to code and operating optimally
We offer professional project managers and dedicated field crews who ensure that each and every installation proceeds according to specification and is completed on time and on budget AAA Fire Protection takes great pride in offering this unwavering commitment to its partners in fire protection and inspection. If you have any questions about our services and how we can work with you with you fire protection needs feel free to call me directly. I look forward to hearing from you. Kevin Brinkmann
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